GPRS PIN distribution via EFTPOS (bulk, thermal, sms)

neat prepaid airtime virtual voucher distribution (EVD) Electronic Voucher Distribution system for airtime, with distributing options;

  • Thermal
  • SMS
  • Secure paper voucher envelope.

The neat prepaid airtime system allows a customer to use one or all of the above 3 methods of distributing airtime off the same server with the same equipment.

neat prepaid EVD bulk high speed airtime secure voucher printing.

  • Using sealed paper envelopes in a very cost effective format created by ourselves
  • Our flagship product
  • Turnkey system. All that is required is the pin file from the network and distribution is effected to end distribution point in the format desired. To ensure quality and value, neat also supplies the stationery at best prices and highest quality.

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General Benefits

The primary benefits of the neat prepaid virtual voucher sales and distribution solution are derived from our client being able to avoid a number of the costly pitfalls associated with alternative EVD solutions or traditional scratch cards.

The primary beneficial components offered with this system are:

  • Secure, proven and robust software and hardware solutions
  • Technical expertise with proven African experience
  • Rapid deployment normally 4 to 8 weeks of receipt of payment and official order (whichever is the later), assuming hardware and installation team is available. We have done this many times before and make no idle promises in this regard.
  • Implementation, training and on-going in-country support subject to mutual arrangement
  • Secure vouchers that are distributed rapidly and cheaply over long distances to regional hubs, where they can start to take advantage of traditional/existent micro distribution by the vendors on the street/in small traditionally low volume African retail environments. We have kept the best aspects of physical recharge distribution while eliminating scratch card’s most obvious disadvantages.
  • Easy to Use, High speed bulk printing solution utilising attractive, well price vouchers

Benefits: neat virtual secure prepaid vouchers

  1. Clear and attractive secure pin receipt provides a high quality multicolour co-branding opportunity for both the network and the distributor.
  2. Because the pins are not ‘in the clear’ the vouchers can be distributed in much the same way as traditional scratch cards.
  3. Because there is little change in distribution methodology for lower hierarchy distributors (the distributors on the street), neat secure vouchers allow for a rapid take up of the solution with fast market penetration. The distributors on the street simply distribute the vouchers in the same way as scratch cards, buying them from regional printing hubs (having a terminal +printer)
  4. Our system is totally secure. It has been tested in many territories with no successful attack. (Highly advantageous in the envisaged retail environment.) Airtime is the equivalent cash! We treat it as such, with the similar security protocols as those used by banks. Tiered access control pre set to totally ensure no lower or middle tier staff have unauthorised access to key areas of the system.
  5. Super rapid deployment of a tried and tested 'Africa ready' solution

The neat telecom prepaid solution has been chosen by 12 network operators and distributors for major GSM Networks, to distribute their virtual stock.

neat EVD (airtime) bulk secure voucher printing and distribution hardware options

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