neat securitized pin distribution (via Email) + bulk printing

  • An e-pin solution that closely reflects physical card commercial dynamics but with increased speed/control and reporting and at a lower cost than traditional physical product.
  • Keeps product physical, but reduces cost, reduces risk and reduces logistics challenges.
  • Shortens reaction time to provide physical stock.
    • Distributors throughout hierarchy hold low-cost/low-risk blank stock and can react fast to demand and print immediately.
    • All distributors/sub distributors use same system as Network = standardized support and training and optimized efficiencies based on best practice.
    • One set of simple rules for Network staff + distributors.
    • Standardised distribution channel through distributor hierarchy, reducing network waste and increasing reaction time.

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Key features of neat Bulk Printing

  • High speed automated system
  • Fraud prevention at all levels
  • Unique hidden PGP keys generated automatically
  • PINs are never in the clear
  • Distributor can on-sell pins electronically or print but never both!
  • Closed system and only authorised distributors can access the system at any level
  • Quick and easy for Network to add or remove new pin products + change network messages
  • Robust database engine for pin warehousing
  • Quick to install technology at remote dealers
  • One (1) day for each distributor to be up and running
    • Fast rollout + low support req. for distribution chain.
  • Easy to use + quick and easy to add dealers
  • Unlimited distributor tiers
  • Logical system that reflects Network distribution need
  • Robust voucher printing management

Benefits to Network/Super Dealers/Distributors

  • Easy to use, Easy to support, Easy to manage.
  • Increased security for network and distributors.
    • At no time are pins exposed until printed
    • Reduced fraud = happy distributors + customers
  • No risk of duplicated pins
    • Will not allow for sale of pins once decrypted
    • Reprints are flagged and reported
  • Quick +easy to move e-pin stock though unlimited sales tiers = faster restock reaction time.
  • Single system controls all pins thru all tiers, but management is left to each distributor 'top down'
  • Saves network/Super Dealers money
    • Hard Costs + distribution costs are lower than cost of scratch cards
    • Improved hard product distribution efficiency
      • Only low risk blank vouchers are distributed
    • Network can decentralise hard distribution to distributors.
      • Network then focuses on electronic product making life more cost and time efficient throughout cycle.
  • Minimal/No Capital investment to Network
  • No software cost to install system at all tiers


  • Any Number of Voucher values can be added at any time.
    • Each product or denomination is configured with a custom 'Credit Title' and pin format for quick and easy identification and to avoid error.
    • New products/Values are quickly and easily added/removed by management with security clearance
  • Full reporting function:
    • Detailed information on all print jobs, and also on reprinted batches
    • Stock holding reports for recon
    • Custom reports can be tailored as required by network/distributor
  • Easy to support for Network and all sub dealers (use same system)
  • Reversal of Stock files if incorrect stock was received


  • Issued at time of installation for each agent
  • Time based or volume based
  • License issued to each Server or PC individually
  • Authority to join is 'top down'
  • Closed system reduces fraud

Security features

  • Closed Network Distribution System with all participants Licensed + Encrypted
  • automated dedicated PGP Keysets for protection against fraudulent activity during distribution of stock files
    • Each receiving dealer (Top Management only) automatically generate their security key pair using the application
    • keys are stored fully encrypted in the application's database
    • The security key is at no time available to any other person, and can only be accessed by the application itself to operate the system
    • Stock files cannot be decrypted and viewed unless a sale is recorded thus eliminating fraud and dedicating an action to a single operator
  • Reprints are recorded permanently to monitor fraud potential.
  • Full audit trail - top down.
  • Reports can be encrypted to avoid tampering

Minimum Server Hardware Requirements

  • CPU: 1 x Intel Core i7 2.8GHz Intel dual core processor
  • RAM: 8GB
  • HDD: 4 x 146GB 10000 RPM SATA 3 drives on RAID 1 configuration (Volume dependent)
  • Back up Server
  • Minimum Software Requirements:
    • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional
    • Database Management Software: Microsoft SQL Server Standard 2008 R2
    • Java Standard Edition

Bulk Printing Module

  • Print Queue management
  • Product Popup Dialog to load new value paper.
  • Can print on many printers at same distributor at same time
  • Printing Display Screen to View, Cancel or Pause a Print Job
  • Test printing dialog to test configuration and paper
  • Can tailor orders by value and priority as required
  • Can group according to 'bag + box' for easy packing and distribution
  • Printing of an order is only possible once all stock per order has been imported onto the printer, preventing batch errors
  • Serial or Ethernet
  • Printronix or Epson (others brands if required)
  • Proprietary font created by neat for speed and security
  • High speed print capability on secure pin mailers (500,1000,2000 vouchers per minute) per printer using Printronix line matrix printers or lower using Epson dot matrix
  • Worldwide reseller of Printronix to reduce capital costs for agents

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