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Neat Technology Ltd.

We build and deploy virtual distribution systems for electronic products such as: Airtime, Loans, Mobile Money, Prepaid Electricity etc.

We help our clients to become more profitable by providing robust systems.

Building efficient and scalable distribution systems. Our main products consist of:

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VTU / Mobile Wallet

Transact Airtime, Prepaid Electricity, Bill payments, Mobile Money & Money Transfers.

1.5 Billion transactions processed

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Credit for Prepaid

Rules based engine profiles your customer and allocates micro loans to pre qualified customers.

40 000+ Loans processed daily

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VMS STS Prepaid Vending System

STS approved. Incorporates customer- & meter management, elecricity tokens.

Connected to 700 000+ meters

Our Differentiators

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Low Capex Option

We are flexible in terms of the relationship, including low capex revenue share/ JV options

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Scalable and High speed

Our proven high volume transactional platform is limitlessly scalable to handle any number of transactions

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We Customise

Providing a rapidly customised product, tailored to client requirements

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We have a proven track record in eliminating fraud through closing loopholes and securing against internal or external attack

Neat Technology Ltd is an onshore company based in Mauritius.
We develop custom virtual distribution systems for:

Our solutions are highly scalable and flexible, allowing our clients and partners to swiftly distribute virtual value-added products and services within in a rapidly changing environment.

Our core system - Evolve, is a proprietary software framework geared to facilitate high speed mobile electronic distribution of value-added products and services

1.5 BILLION+ Transactions Processed

24/7 Tech support

Integration ready

We offer creative solutions to complex problems.